General Guidelines


  Warning: This page is meant to provide a quick overview of the rules to be followed when sending SMS Messages through our platform and is by no means comprehensive. For more details about our policies and that of our Service Providers, you can head over to the following web pages: Twilio Messaging Policy: Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy: The disclaimers on our own Opt-In Form: And our Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy Policy:

To sum thing up, you should:

  • Avoid sending similar messages to multiple phone numbers.
  • Avoid using templates or copy-and-paste to speed up the process, as well as sending repetitive messages.
  • Provide customers with an opt-out options such as “Send STOP to unsubscribe/opt-out from our mailing lists.
  • To a reasonable extent, ensure that the numbers you’re about to text are, in fact, mobile phones that can receive SMS Texts. This can be done by heading over to the Phone Look-Up page on the sidebar.
  • Avoid repeatedly texting a customer who does not respond to your messages, or harass them in any way. If they ask you to stop messaging them, you should abide by their request without exception.
  • Identify yourself clearly in all communications.
  • Include a statement of purpose in our last message so the client knows what we’re messaging for (E.g. “I’m interested in buying your 24th Avenue house, if you’re selling”.)
  • Avoid breaking any laws
  • Be kind and understanding, ignoring rude replies.
  • Avoid offending or attacking the customers

Customer Care:

For Customer Care Information, if a customer wishes to contact the company directly, has inquiries concerning our services, or otherwise desires to make a call to us. We’ve provided a phone number for it on our Contact page (the page itself contains a form that also serves this purpose and can be sent to customers). The phone number is the following: +12818683956. If we ever change it, we will update this page and the Contact Us, but make sure to double-check the number before sending it anyway. Remember the Disclaimer in our Opt-In Form: “You will be able to opt-out at any point during our communications by saying “END” or “STOP” (you’ll be reminded of this whenever we start a conversation with you or send you a notification related to your subscription) or by contacting us directly via our website. We don’t send recurrent messages, pester you with promotions, send spam, or anything of the like. We’ll only contact you when we have an offer for one of your properties. If you opt-out later or ignore our text, we won’t message you again.” We intend on enforcing our Clients’ and Staff’s compliance with this disclaimer. Failure to comply will result in your account getting suspended. If a customer doesn’t reply or asks us to stop, we stop, period. On Single Message Programs and Recurring Messages: We don’t send recurring messages, just contact people once to see if the property they listed is still available and to confirm their identity and that’s it. If they don’t reply or ask us to stop, we stop, period. If we ever started sending single messages programs (such as 2FA) or sending recurring messages, there are a few extra guidelines from Twilio’s Messaging policy that we ought to follow:
  1. We must disclose the frequency of such messages or the recurring event that triggers their delivery (“4 messages per month”, “Message frequency varies”, “1 message per login”, etc)
  2. We must provide customer care information (typically “Text HELP for help” or Help at XXX-XXX-XXXX) – not required for single message programs (i.e 2FA)
  3. We must provide opt-out instructions (like “Text STOP to cancel”) – not required for single message programs (i.e 2FA)
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